FERA Style

A coveted independent winter fashion brand

Fera Style

Redesign, migration to Shopify 2.0

This is the third instance of the FERA website we developed in the last 6 years. Being that the site was live, we set up a development store on which the whole process took place. Once the site has been signed off, we migrated it again to the live store, in a way that least affects and interferes with the sales and user experience.

One of the requests was to separate the variants from the product on the collection page, but still show it as one product on the product page UI. So if one product had 8 colors/variants for example, each of them was displayed as a separate product on the collection page, even though it is just one product, and the product page displayed all of the 8 colors as variants.

The store also features some additional options like the wishlist, community app, Yotpo reviews etc.


Wholesale website

We also created a separate password-protected wholesale website, enabling the store owners to decide who they want to give access to via the use of regular store accounts.

Services provided:

  • Consulting
  • Shopify Store Setup
  • Custom Liquid and jSon solutions
  • Ongoing Technical Support
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