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Stories For Walls

Two Websites, an IP routing, and all that jazz

For "Stories for Walls", an Australian wallpaper company, we developed two websites for two different markets, with different requirements.

An IP routing was set up to automatically direct customers to the appropriate website, and a private app that automatically copies and publishes Shopify products and posts published on one store to the second store.

This whole process needed to be set up delicately, as these stores were live and operating, so we set up a development environment to create, design, develop and test all functionalities before migrating everything to the live Shopify stores.


Custom wallpaper calculators

One of the features developed were calculators to determine the dimensions of the wallpapers a user needs based on the entered specification of the walls.

All services provided:

  • Consulting
  • Two Shopify Stores Setup and customizations
  • Custom Liquid solutions
  • Custom Javascript calculators
  • Private apps to mirror posts and products published on one store to both stores
  • Support
Stories For Walls

I couldn't be happier with the work done by Hartt Commerce on my complicated Shopify upgrades. I run two wallpaper Shopify stores - one based solely in the UAE with AED checkout and a global store based in Australia. I requested automated/mirror 'product' and 'blog' apps for both stores, wallpaper product calculators with different variables for each store, a restructure of the domain names (with new sub domains), a Shopify platform upgrade plus other specific enhancements to each site. I threw some real curve balls to the Hartt development team but nothing was too difficult and they found a solution for every challenge. Their communication was brilliant, they were so easy to work with and they clearly knew what they were doing. From start to finish I knew that both my Shopify stores were in safe hands and I could rely on them to get the job done. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I will never let another developer touch my websites again. For as long as I'm running my two stores, they have me as a client for life.

Loretta, Stories For Walls

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